1. What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

  2. Why have it done?

  3. Can anyone have a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment?

  4. Do I have to eat or drink anything special before or after treatment?

  5. How long does it last?

  6. How many treatments will I need?

  7. Is Colon Hydrotherapy painful?

  8. What are the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?

  9. How can I book an appointment?

1.  What is Colon Hydrotherapy? Colon Hydrotherapy (also called Irrigation) is a procedure that helps to clean the colon and detoxify the body. Highly specialised equipment, purified water and abdominal massage are used in the treatment which "flushes" out the colon.

2.  Why have it done? Colon Hydrotherapy is used as a complimentary therapy for health maintenance and as a preventive measure to guard against many diseases. It has been proven particularly effective in the treatment of many digestive diseases / disorders including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation, Candida and Heamorrhoids. It also assists weight loss, lethargy, infertility, headaches, acne and other skin disorders and helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

3.  Can anyone have a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment? Yes, providing you do not suffer from adbominal hernia, active anal fissure / fistula, bowel perforation, cancer, early pregnancy, heart, kidney, liver or gallbladder disease, severe haemorrhoids or blood pressure that exceeds 160/100.

4.  Do I have to eat or drink anything special before or after a treatment? No. However, your nutritional and possible supplement needs will be discussed at the initial consultation.  Castor oil packs in advance can also aid elimination but are not necessary. 

5.  How long does it last? The first visit including consultation lasts approximately 60 minutes.  It is requested you arrive 5 minutes early to complete forms so we have the full time for the colonic.  Subsequent visits take no more than one hour. The procedure itself lasts anywhere from 25 to 40 minutes depending on what is happening during the session.

6.  How many treatments will I need? The amount and timing of treatments is different for everyone. It is purely dependent on your physical needs and personal situation at the time. It is important to remember that Colonics are not a "quick fix" for years of problems. Improving the colon function is a process that takes time and varies for everyone. While one treatment is beneficial, a minimum of two treatments is recommended. Any number of treatments recommended beyond that will be discussed on the first visit.

7.  Is Colon Hydrotherapy painful? No, although you may experience some cramping during the treatment. Insertion of the speculum (tube) is very gentle and highly lubricated. You breathe the tube in and I simply guide it. Many patients ask, "Is that it?" once the speculum is inserted. They can't believe that something they were so worked up about wasn't nearly as bad as anticipated. It is my aim to ensure your comfort and safety whilst providing a professional service.

8.  What are the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy? If you suffer with any digestive disorders the benefit is usually a relief from abdominal pressure and internal cleansing. The eventual goal is the return to normal bowel function. This leads to increased energy levels, a general feeling of wellbeing, as well as a lighter, brighter you for the outside world to see. For people seeking maintenance of their colon, and not suffering from pre-existing conditions, the same benefits apply. Colon cleansing is also crucial in the maintenance of a healthy colon.

9.  How can I book an appointment? Please phone The Clinic on 707 227 4795 for appointment availability and bookings.

There are many more questions that arise regarding Colonic Hydrotherapy. Please ring us at the number listed in Contact Us to discuss any individual questions you may have. Should we not be able to answer your call please leave a message and your call will be returned. Prices are available on the Pricing page of this website. Thank you!

Alternative the following website is very comprehensive and answers more questions in greater detail.






Which colon do you have?

Which would you prefer?

If you are not feeling great, feel lethargic, blocked or have less energy than you would like then chances are your colon is more like the one on the right above....



Clearing out your bowel is a process.  It takes time, commitment and more than one colonic.  How many depends on the state of ones bowel and what else is going on.  The state of your entire health is related to the state of your colon-integrity of the lining of your digestive tract, impactions, bacteria, parasites, etc.  I never want anyone to walk into my door believing that one colonic is going to change everything.  It's not but one colonic can provide some relief that is enough to encourage one to continue on the road to health!    Read any book on true health and you will find over and over and over that your digestive tract is key to everything!!!!!!