For years I've been asked for a specific cleanse by clients.  Everyone is different so not one cleanse will work for everyone.  Below you will find cleanse guidelines-please note there are modifications listed to keep it real.  The more you stick to just vegetables and fruits the deeper you will cleanse.  Some of you will be ok with this, others will not and will need to modify.  The ultimate goal is to eat this way (more vegetables and fruits, proper water) on an ongoing basis with days you do not, instead of eating this way as an exception. For some of us this is more of a challenge (it has been for me over the years) and that's ok-remember life is one day at a time!  Each day improve on the days before and trust you are headed in the right direction-evenutally you will get there!  Bear in mind that the first few days are always the toughest, once you get used to the changes in eating and start to feel better then it just gets easier and easier as you feel lighter and brighter!

Please email me at for a chart of the best foods to consume if you are working on a specific condition during this time (or at any time).  Otherwise follow the guides below.

Please note that at any time the cleanse can be altered to meet you where you are.  There are NO EXTRA POINTS for torturing yourself and this can actually have the opposite of the desired effect by stressing your body!  The idea behind any cleanse is you EASE in and EASE out.  REPEAT EASE IN/EASE OUT.  

With this in mind your first and last week of the three will be roughly the same.  If you are feeling great after week two and want to keep on for another week or a few days that is fine too just be sure to gently reintroduce foods following the guides of week one.  What you will not be easing out of is processed sugars.  You are allowed fruit the entire cleanse.  Fruit is alive food, full of nutrients.  Our body processes these sugars different that the others.  The goal is to feel healthy, radiant and alive and that is best achieved with healthy, radiant, alive foods. Now in a perfect world we would be doing this in the summer when vegetables and fruits are most abundant and the weather is warm but instead we are in a cold, wet, el nino winter SO you may want to gently (slowly at low temperature) heat your vegetables.  Personally this works best for me with most things as it is easier to digest.  Only you know how certain foods feel in your body.  Let’s take broccoli-no matter what time of year I’m not eating it raw, same with garlic, onions etc. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  Personally I plan to live on nice, warm soups.  


So here’s the deal:

Every morning you begin with warm water and lemon.  You can also add ginger to fire up your digestion.  Then you are going to drink 16 oz of fresh blended celery  (blended celery and water so you get the fiber, not juiced).  After 2 hours you can eat or drink the daily drink.  This drink is to make sure your bowel keeps moving and to help get a deeper cleanse with your colonics.  The rest of the day you eat from the list and only from the list! Yes, of course you can cheat but you’re really only cheating yourself-keep that in mind-you’re responsible and no one else!



The list is the same for all three weeks bearing in mind that the first week and last week you can have 3 oz of protein with lunch or dinner.  If this proves to difficult for the die hard protein at every meal people then add another 3 oz at the next meal.  For anyone struggling you can slow your cleanse down in this way. Preferrably you have wild fish or organic chicken but if you’re really a die hard beef eater and don’t feel like you’re gonna make it then have the beef and allow it to help you stay the course.  It’s better to “mostly” do the cleanse than give up just because you had a bad day.  We all have bad days and it depends on our lives and demands what we can manage when and sometimes I look at a cold salad at 8pm and go no thanks.  I’m not giving you an out here at every opportunity.  I’m just saying be real.  If you prepare some vege soup beforehand and freeze it then you can grab that at 8pm after a long day instead of a cold salad.  Alternatively keep some dark leafy greens on hand and sauté with garlic or make the blended drink using warm water –you have options, get creative!



ALL VEGETABLES (except potatoes)

Fruit-preferrably those from the attached print out  and in the middle of the cleanse if you’re really feeling great then IF you can find organic watermelon buy it, wash it thouroughly and then JUICE THE ENTIRE WATERMELON-this will help you to shed water weight and also increase your bowel movements too! It’s an amazing cleanse all on it’s own!



1 TABLESPOON of organic, golden flaxseeds soaked for atleast one hour in water then blend with warm water for a good minute to get rid of the foam that comes with blending.  


3 stalks celery

1 apple (cored) 

1 cup spinach

blend to desired consistency and drink.  Do not buy pre-ground flaxseeds as they oxidize quickly once exposed to air.


In addition to your vegetables, fruits and drink you also need to consume 1 cup each of the following herbs:

Cilantro (coriander)


A good way to do this is to make a guacamole or salsa you add them into fresh (see below for receipe).  This helps with the gentle removal of heavy metals and also your detox pathways. If you are sulphur sensitive then take yucca root daily to help offset the effects.  You can have any other herbs you wish in addition and also herb teas too (especially fresh).


You can have green tea and any herbal teas you wish.  I especially recommend any teas to support your adrenals and endocrine system.  You can also drink liver support teas but take it easy on the dandelion and any other direutics. If you really want to support your liver then do an organic coffee enema daily (preferably in the morning).  If you can’t live without coffee then you can’t live without coffee but make it as little as possible.  The coffee enema will give many the same boost but it works for you and not against you.


½ your body weight in ounces.  You can add mint or cucumber or basil or coriander or raspberries or lemon/lime-whatever is natural to your water to help you get it in.


Here are some food ideas for you:



1 red and 1 orange bell pepper diced

½ clove of garlic that you mince and marinate in lemon juice to take the bite out

1 cup or coriander

½ mango or papaya

1 cup or wild aragula

½ jalapeno or other chili if you like the added bite.

Mix it all together for a nice little Vitamin C punch.

You can also add an avocado in after blending.


Use spaghetti squash instead of pasta and make a pesto for it.


1 cup of parsley

2 cups of basil

½ sunflower or pumpkin seeds

olive oil to blend to desired consistency

again you can add a chili for extra bite

You can use this pesto with any vege dish too, especially those done on the grill-eggplant, squash, zucchini (yes I’ve been known to grill in the rain)


ANY INDIAN VEGE CURRY utilizing veges on the list and without dairy. No you can not have rice but if you’re really struggling then make some quinoa to go with it.

If you’re making vege soup make your base but add in your more delicate veges at the end so they just soften to maintain nutrients. You can use the frozen soup as your base.

I make this SALAD DRESSING year round and it’s one of my favorites-play with it because it’s never the same in my house (because I always experiment with new ways to do it)

1 clove of garlic (crushed & marinated in fresh lemon juice)

½ cup hemp seeds

½ coriander

cayenne to taste

blend together with water to desired consistency. 

I also add in an avocado sometimes and basil or parsley.

If you want it creamier then use 1 cup of hemp seeds.



2 avocados

1 clove chopped garlic

1 cup of cilantro

¼ parsley

juice of one lemon or lime

chopped tomatoes (amount adjusted to your taste)

¼ chopped red pepper 

chopped jalpeno (adjust to your heat level)

¼ teaspoon cumin powder (again adjust to taste, you may like more)

sea salt

Combine and enjoy


CLEANSE DESSERT (for Jennifer)

1 cup hemp seeds

½ coconut oil (soft but not heated)

½ c raw cacoa

1 banana

6 soaked dates

1 teaspoon vanilla

you can add maca or mesquite powders bearing in mind these will alter the taste. 

blend it up then roll into balls


Fresh fruit with mint




Now in order to get the most from this time it is advised you have atleast a colonic weekly.  In order to support your body more  have 2 colonics and a weekly wrap..  You will need to schedule these ahead of time to make sure you can get in.  Please freely share this info with your friends and family and hopefully they will join in too.  Please bear in mind that this information is not designed to diagnose or treat any illness.  It is designed to help you feel healthier and happier and support you in your journey towards improved health.  The attached spreadsheet is taken from information contained in the book MEDiCAL MEDIUM by Anthony Wiliam and is not my original work.  There is more information on each topic contained in his book and it is available on Amazon. I simply put it in a spreadsheet for ease of use.  Please email me for a copy of the spreadsheet.



PROBIOTICS -50 billion +/4 every night

If you are on a yeast cleanse then you need to take these 4 hours apart from your last dose of yeast cleanse.  

If you are hoping to deal with a specific issue during the cleanse then you will need to complete a nutrition questionnaire and book in a Nutrition Consultation with me for further supplement recommendations or to specifically alter the cleanse.