I fully understand that this might seem an odd adjunct to the previous pages but I needed to honor this side of me as well.  I love beautiful things-people, places, nature, music, art and clothes.  I am deeply connected to all that is around me and that includes the beauty in the day to day.  Getting dressed is the frivolous part of me.  I remember being connected to lipstick at age 7.  Dressing up in the neighbors heels and dresses the same as I remember spending hours outside creating food from mud, letting it "bake" (we lived in the heat) and presenting it to my mom.  I have always been connected to food and clothes and loved them both.  

Fashion is fun and it is beautiful.  It also has it's uses in life and calls for different looks at different times and occasions.  I'm able to honor all of that in you, considering taste, lifestyle and last but certainly not least-body type (which is deeply affected by what we eat and how we feel!)  Years ago I created inside out to cater to working with all of you from the inside, out.  I wasn't aligned with putting it all out there in one space.  Now it seems like the perfect thing to do.  So, if you are looking to change your life from the inside-nutrition, colonics, detoxification as well as the outside-clothing, make up, hair then look no further.  

I must confess I am not 100% clean when it comes to make up products.  I've yet to find a natural lipstick I love that is 100% free but when I do, I will be.  I am 1000% clean when it comes to skincare and what goes onto my actual body (lotions, oils, perfumes, etc.)  We absorb 60% of everything that goes onto our skin!!!  I can help you navigate this territory and learn to make better choices here that also lead to improved overall health.  I do not focus on what is in the not so clean products but instead direct my energy towards finding the ones that are.

I worked corporately for 10 years in the USA, London and in Dublin, Ireland.  I've worked in fashion, health and nutrition, exercise and I've even got wine qualifications.  I live an active life-hiking for days in the mountains with everything on my back as well as understanding and experiencing the glamour of places like the south of France and/or the Amalfi coast so chances are no matter what part of your life you want to redecorate I understand it.  I've lived a very full and well rounded life and I'd gratefully use that to help you navigate the bridge between where you are and where you want to be on the outside part of you as well. 

Getting dressed is an expression of self and where we are in that moment that we actually get dressed.  Are you fully expressing yourself and allowing your best self to shine or are you hiding behind someone else's idea or how you should look?

I work with a team of hairstylist and make up artists but I'm also rather handy with the makeup too. In my late teens, early 20's I directed a team of inhouse models for fashion shoots including doing all the makeup fashion and event planning!  Fashion is part of my DNA.  Together lets find yours.

I work in two ways:

Creating looks that fit your life that you then go out and purchase on your own.

Creating looks that fit your life that we purchase together or I purchase for you.

Contact me at 707-227-4795 to find out more.