We are super excited to offer Universal Contour Wrap as part of our services!  While researching additional ways to detox many of our clients, especially those with heavy medication loads with trouble clearing toxins out of their system or with chronic constipation due to medication,  I literally stumbled upon Universal Contour Wrap.  I can't tell you what am amazing discovery this was.  I only wish I had started taking before and after pictures so they could be posted here!  One delightful lady could barely walk without a cane and after two wraps she was walking blocks.  All the toxins in her body were settling in her legs and they were super painful.  Now she walks around freely and feels wonderful with her combo of colonics and wraps.  It's amazing.  The wraps are ideal for those who wish to reduce their toxic load in the body but are averse to colonics.

An added benefit of the wrap is inch loss without water loss, something most of us are only too delighted with. This is a warm wrap that is soaked beforehand  in clay and minerals and you are warm while you are wrapped up-truly relaxing and in the profoundly nurturing environment we create you will leave lighter in every way!  I'm always amazed to see the physical transformations in client's bodies after a wrap but it's the detox properties that keep us offering this amazing product.  


Please see www.universalcontourwrap.com for full information.