I truly believed I was coming just for a colonic.  What I got changed my life.  Donna's knowledge of the body, mind and spirit helped me to change everything.  It's true I did and still do get colonics but through our work together I've become unstuck in so many ways.  Truly profound and highly recommended for anyone wanting to change your life in any way!!!  MB, Napa.

No more bloating and I go to the toilet everyday!  I believed one colonic would clean me out but what it did was wake me up.  Donna helped me understand there is a process to regaining our health which begins with cleaning our gut, repairing it and restoring proper function.  She works very simply, taking one back to basics to see what is functioning and what is not and then works from there.  I loved that she did not throw loads of supplements at me and then send me home still lost.  Instead she gave me homework so that I could start educating myself and become empower in achieving and maintaining my health.  I recommend everyone should visit her.  JM, Napa

I should pay double because I get colonics and a greater understanding of myself than I ever achieved through years of therapy.  AG, Dublin, Ireland

After a lifetime of chronic constipation and lower back pain I now am able to move my bowel and my body!!!

SM, Dublin, Ireland

I work with Donna when I am doing cleanses and I must confess it has helped me to greater understand the power of what I am doing and why.  I now appreciate that a cleanse is not a cleanse unless it is the right one for you and that there are ways to deepen and lessen the cleanse depending on how I am feeling during.

CW, San Francisco, CA

I see Donna for colonics but what was really fun was when we were headed on a trip to Southern Europe and I wasn't sure what to pack.  I enlisted Donna for a day of personal shopping and travelled in style with a wardrobe packed into a small easy to manage suitcase (as we were traveling around lots) that took me from work meeting, to day being a tourist to evenings with my husband.  I could easily mix and match it all to look different all the time yet staying true to styles that worked with my body and my budget!

CB, Napa, CA

Donna's life guidance has helped me to unravel so many of the weights I've been carrying around all my life.  I am now lighter and infinitely free thanks to my personal development work with her.  She helped me to change how I look at my past, present and future!

RM, Napa, CA

After 20+ years of laxative abuse related to anorexia and bulimia I wasn't sure I would ever get my bowel to function and I was plagued by chronic constipation.  A friend recommended I go see Donna.  It took us a year but we successfully went from virtually no bowel movements to one healthy bowel movement per day (her ideal was 3 but I'm happy). I simply couldn't believe this would ever be possible but we got there!  I'm deeply thankful for Donna's knowledge but more than that I'm grateful for her compassion and empathy that kept me going when the going got tough.  She managed to somehow keep me on track and going in the direction of reclaiming my health.  She told me from the beginning that we would have to play around with it and just keep going til we got it and she didn't know how long it would take as everyone is different.  I wasn't able to afford testing to see what nutrients were missing so we followed what she felt. True to her word, if something wasn't working then we would change it and in the end it was all worth it.  During this time I was also under severly high stress with a sick child who was constantly in and out of the hospital.  Only for her guidance and deep understanding did I make it through this time and achieve my health goals!!!

JB, Dublin, Ireland

I've never felt better after cleaning out my bowel!  My energy has changed dramatically and I am sleeping at night.  I was inspired by Donna's amazing skin and following her guidance I now have skin I didn't know was possible.  She glows from the inside out and now so do I!!!

SL, Napa, CA

Following surgery and a lot of pain meds my bowel stopped working.  I called XSMENA and spoke with Donna.  She immediately got me started on coffee enemas until I could get in for colonics.  This approach provided immediate relief and the colonics really got things moving, improved my energy and seemed to accelerate my healing.

RG, Napa, CA