We is actually me, Donna Boissiere.  I am a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Nutritional Therapist who trained for both in Dublin, Ireland.  I relocated to Napa, CA in 2008 and established XSMENA here in 2009.

In addition to colonics and nutrition I am a Level III certified Aura Soma Practionner and a Reiki Practitioner.  These are used as an adjunct to my other work and are actively incorporated as appropriate.   In addition to the above I earned a Business Degree in Risk Management and Insurance from Georgia State University,  Level II qualification in Wine and Spirits from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and I trained to teach Aqua Aerobics while living in England.  I tell you all this so you will understand I am a very well rounded individual with diverse education and living experiences.  I've had an interesting life for one who grew up in the country in Alabama!  I can relate to you no matter what your background and that has always been a gift in my life!!!

My other passions in life are family and friends, travel, gardening, outdoor pursuits, fashion and art.  I am deeply happy in my life and everyday I work to create more of what I desire in my life and to lead a rich, full, diverse and interesting life full of kindness, love and compassion for myself and for those around me including everyone I come in contact with.  If you ask others about me you would always be told I am kind, honest, direct and funny.  I am not afraid of the truth or hard decisions and I believe is full of those and that it's our ability to make those hard decisions or not, that ultimately defines us.  I am full of compassion for life's struggles but it's not the struggles that matter it's what we do with them and wether we choose to look at them as blessings or curses.  I LOVE helping people in the process of digesting (mental, physical, emotional and spirtual) to arrive at a place of peace in our life!!!  This doesn't mean life will be easy or free of challenge.  Where would the fun be in that????

Since 2005 I've been slowly writing a book as I was constantly asked for my words by clients so they could take them with them.  One book became two so I juggle writing both in addition to work, family and life in general.


There are others who work with me in various capacities at different times.  Everyone who works at XSMENA is a kind, loving, nuturing soul!  We hope you come in to enjoy our space.