If there is one thing I've truly learned through my work it's that our spirit and where we are in ourselves deeply affects our physical body.  Just the same as where we are in our physical body affects our spirit.  As part of my colonic work with people I work with them mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Often we have become stuck physically because of life events and our inability to digest those.  Frequently I've had clients ask if I was available for "digesting sessions".  It's very common that I have people say "I've got more here than I ever got from years of traditional therapy".  Let me be very clear I am not a certified trained psychologist or counsellor and do not present myself as such.  Sometimes we need something different that hasn't been discovered yet.   I do not tell or give you a course of action.  I help you to understand where you are, digest your life and create the life you want.   Supporting you as you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  It's a deeply transformational process. 

I am a Level III Aura Soma Practionner and trained in Reiki.  I am deeply intuitive and often times see things in people they have not said to me.  I do not work to a model or by any method other than what arises in the moment as each person and each session is different so I flow with you and where you are in life the same as I live in mine.  I help you create a self guide based on a deeper understanding of where you are, where you have been and where it is you truly desire to go!